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Uniting craftsmanship with contemporary technology to create high-quality, durable, aesthetic and authentic outdoor products. From outdoor shower to hose reel. Each with its own story. 

This is the mission of the TradeWinds studio. At the same time the life’s work of my father Jean-Pierre. Real craftsmanship that I, Laure Galeyn, proudly continue to build on today.

Working with four experienced craftsmen, we make small quantities of craft products by hand. We merge form and function. But that’s not all, we also harmonise our products with the environment, for any garden, terrace or natural park. What you see, is what you get. That’s TradeWinds.  


With Laure Galeyn, Successor of Jean-Pierre Galeyn

My father Jean-Pierre Galeyn founded the TradeWinds workshop 27 years ago. But as his retirement approached, I had a bright idea: what if I, Laure Galeyn, continued his life’s work? The business would remain in the trusted hands of the family, and my search for a creative, traditional project would be fulfilled. 

No sooner said than done. I have been the manager of the TradeWinds studio since 1 May. My objective? To continue to build on TradeWinds’ mission. No mass production, but the merging of form and function. The intention is to unite craft and technology to create high-quality, durable, aesthetic and authentic outdoor products. And above all: to harmonise the products with the environment. What you see, is what you get

Who is Laure Galeyn? 

I was brought up to believe in such values as authenticity and sustainability. It comes as no surprise to anyone that I am following in the footsteps of my father Jean-Pierre today. I worked in interior architecture for 15 years, both in the commercial and executive realms. I specialised in the natural stone world, and briefly in project development. This transfer is a fresh start for me, something new. An adventure supported by both my head and heart.