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  • FounT

    Discover the freedom of enjoying your outdoor life to the fullest with our newest member: The FounT, our mobile gardentap. With one click you can connect the FounT to your garden hose, so you can immediately enjoy a refreshing watersource for all of your activities outside. Whether if you are hosting a BBQ, using your outdoor kitchen, working in your conservatory, washing your hands or organising a catered event, the FounT is multi-purpose. Thanks to the very practical design you can easily attach it to a table or tablet or wherever you need water. The crane itself can rotate 360° degrees in the position you want. The thickness of the tabletop or tablet is min 1,5 CM and maximum 7 cm.
    332,75 (incl. VAT)
  • Sold out


    Wall°r is a mural hose reel mounted on a door. The door is used as a swing-arm. It allows a smooth in and out movement of the hose. By turning the Wall°r upside down you have a right or left door opening. It is made out of hot galvanized steel, non-treated Meranti wood and stainless steel screws and bolts. The black rubber hose is 40 meters long and diameter 13-20 mm. The quick-connectors and the professional spray gun are made out of chromed brass. Nothing affects the rugged Wall°r, which is absolutely maintenance free.
    1.034,55 (incl. VAT)
  • Propel’r - Tradewinds
    Propel’r - Tradewinds


    Propel'r is an elegant rotating sprinkler comprised of a galvanized and power-coated iron tube, a stainless steel spear and pedal and a rotating brass waterhead. Select the right water pressure and output, then the Propel'r can be tuned for watering all kind of surfaces. A water ballet ! Maximum range 300 m2 with 2.5 kg/cm2 pressure. The spear & pedal helps you to firmly plant the Propel'r in lots of soils. The Propel'r is also easily transformed into a garden shower by adding the upper section of the Show'r onto the base tube.
    248,05 (incl. VAT)
  • rollX

    rollX is a compact, clean, minimalist hose reel made out of stainless steel. The strong X-frame contains a telescopic handle and two wheels that make it very mobile. The black rubber hose is 40 metres long and diameter 13-20 mm. The quick-connectors and the professional spray gun are made out of chromed brass.
    822,80 (incl. VAT)
  • Waterette - Tradewinds
    Waterette - Tradewinds
    738,101.167,65 (incl. VAT) Professional pricing request


    The Waterette is an elegant hose cart with a nostalgic design. It is made of a galvanized and powder-coated iron frame, wooden parts, brass connectors and nylon bearings and wheels. A red-brown or black coloured EPDM rubber hose of 13-20 mm diameter can be mounted, from 40 to maximum 80 meters long. Its long handle makes it easy to roll up long hoses. The equipment also includes 5 brass quick-connectors and a spraygun.
    738,101.167,65 (incl. VAT)
    738,101.167,65 (incl. VAT) Professional pricing request