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J.ack-of-all-trades by Tradewinds !  This two-wheeled trolley is made out of fibreglass tube and aluminium for maximum manoeuvrability and lightness. A skirt on the back retains small loads without damaging them. It can withstand over 100kg and is designed to make lightweight of heavy household chores. Shopping, firewood, beverages and luggage. An adjustable heavy-duty Sandow strap ensures that all your loads are well anchored. The care taken with the finishings make this handyman equally pleasing to the eye.

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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 54 kg
Größe 120 × 45 × 50 cm

H 115 x L 42 x B 50 cm


5 kg


Antrazit, Hellgrau, Kamel, Rot