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SHELT^R is a canvas tent which can be easily mounted on any type of underground without ropes and stakes. It has the shape of a simple, square house like children would be drawing. A very basic but iconic design indeed.
The frame is made of bent steel plates that are galvanized after having been assembled and welded. The steel tubes that unite both frames are also galvanized. The frame is covered by weatherproof fabric that comes in a wide variety of colors. This fabric has a guarantee of 10 years.
The fabric is firmly stretched over the frame and fastened with 3 straps with ratchets under the tubes which support the floor. These straps are then hidden under the wooden floor that supports the tent.

The steel, the canvas and the wooden floor create a solid set with a pure design.
Mostly used as an outdoor refuge or ornamental feature in parks and gardens, it can also be used by restaurants and bars to invest in their outdoors comfort or to provide a shelter for smokers…
Clubs and associations can easily mount SHELT^R for an event
or a season. It can also serve as a hut to observe wildlife in great outdoors.
When construction is not allowed, SHELT^R will be the
perfect weather shelter.


From natural off white to beige. from silver to black. royal blue, red and british green.


SHELT^R is designed to be transported, mounted and dismounted easily on site.
The front and back side of the tent are open. Optional doors and walls can be added .
The basic version is 250 x 250 cm and 300 cm high.
Total weight is 300 kilo.

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La versione base è di 250 x 250 cm e 300 cm di altezza.


300 kg